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The nose – when the protective lining isn’t enough

Adverse conditions such as dry air indoors, smoke, dust, wind or cold dry out the nose. A dry nasal mucous membrane can no longer carry out its actual task of moistening and cleaning the inhaled air. The protective lining of the nose becomes damaged.

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hysan® Nasensalbe (hysan® nasal ointment) – help for dry noses

During a cold and flu the front section of the nose can sometimes become sore; the nose turns red and is often painfully irritated. Soothing moisturisation and care can aid a speedy regeneration of the affected areas and restore the naturally moist nasal lining.

hysan® Nasensalbe (hysan® nasal ointment) – intensive care

The vitamin A containing ointment forms a protective, regeneration-supporting and long-lasting layer at the nasal entrance, thus moisturising the skin and mucosa. hysan® Nasensalbe is therefore very well suited for the intensive and long-lasting care of the nose.

  • cares for and regenerates the front part of the nose using vitamin A
  • preservative free and therefore particularly well tolerated in long-term treatment
  • can be used for 6 months after opening

hysan® nasal ointment PZN Shelf life after opening
5 g 09440545  6 months
For information on risks and side effects read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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