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hysan® hyaluronic acid spray

Innovative hyaluronic acid – particularly gentle for your nose

Environmental influences, such as heating, air-conditioning, wind and sun, dry out the mucous membrane. A dry nasal mucosa can no longer fulfil its actual task of moistening and cleaning the air we breathe. The protective nasal lining becomes damaged, making the nose more susceptible to threats from pathogens.

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Help for dry noses

A sufficiently moist mucosa knows how to help itself in this situation. The unwelcome visitors are removed from the body by mucus production and sneezing. If the nasal mucosa is not moist then the pathogens find it easy to penetrate as the natural mucus barrier is not thick enough or even lacking completely. Intensive moistening keeps the protective layer on the nasal mucosa intact and strengthens the nose’s resistance.

hysan® Hyaluronspray (hysan® hyaluronic acid spray ) and hysan® Hyalurontropfen (hysan® hyaluronic acid drops) – intensive moisture to prevent damage

Hardly any other substance is as well suited for nasal hydration as hyaluronic acid. This autologous substance can bind immense quantities of water and adheres very well to the nasal mucous membrane. This ensures an effective and long-lasting moisturisation. The hyaluronic acid in hysan® Hyaluronspray protects larger noses and that in hysan® Hyalurontropfen helps little baby noses.

  • ith natural, hydrating hyaluronic acid
  • available as a nasal spray for adults and nasal drops for babies and small children
  • free of preservatives and thus particularly gentle on the noses of small children and babies

hysan® hyaluronic acid spray PZN Shelf life after opening Storage instructions
20 ml 13947008 6 months store at room temperature
For information on risks and side effects read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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