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Zink-POS® 3,2 mg

Zink-POS® 3,2 mg – the appropriate zinc supply for every need

Zinc, which is an essential component of many enzymes, is directly involved in a large number of processes taking place in the body. A deficiency of zinc will manifest itself in a corresponding variety of ways – and its effects on our health can be serious. Without an adequate supply of zinc, well-being will be adversely affected. Our immune system, skin, fingernails and hair are particularly sensitive to zinc deficiency.

People with zinc deficiency are often tired, shattered and lacking in drive. They are prone to acute colds or other infections. They may also develop skin problems, dry flaky skin in particular, and brittle lifeless hair. In all these cases the targeted provision of zinc with Zink-POS® 3,2 mg 20 can relieve the symptoms of deficiency.

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Zinc – particularly important for mother and child

It is obvious: pregnancy and lactation present challenges on the zinc supply of mother and child. These stages of life require more zinc, which is also confirmed by the recommendations published by the German Society for Nutrition regarding pregnant women and nursing mothers. Their zinc requirements are more than 40% greater than those of non-pregnant women. Also in the later development of a child a good zinc supply is needed for the mental development and physical growth.

In this instance, Zink-POS® 3,2 mg, containing 3.2 mg of zinc per tablet, is particularly well-suited to meet the zinc requirements, where a deficiency exists, in a manner appropriate for children.

Zink-POS® 3,2 mg – high bioavailability and good tolerability

Caution must be exercised when supplementing the valuable trace element zinc. Therefore in Zink-POS® 3,2 mg zinc is bound as an organic zinc compound to orotic acid which occurs naturally in the body. This compound enables a slow and steady absorption in the intestine and transports the zinc directly into the cells where it is needed. A special coating protects the tablet from gastric acid, reduces the risk of interactions with other food components and hence optimises the amount of zinc absorbed. This combination of orotic acid and enteric coating guarantees the exceptional bioavailability of zinc after intake of Zink-POS® 3,2 mg. The gastric disorders that occasionally occur with medicinal products that lack the gastro-resistant coating do not present.

Zink-POS® 3,2 mg can effectively provide the body with sufficient zinc as required, therefore relieving the symptoms that result from zinc deficiency.

Zinc deficiency and daily requirement

Recommendations of the German Nutrition Society (DGE)

Daily requirement Age Female Male
Infants from 0 to less than 4 months* 1.0 mg
from 4 to less than 12 months 2.0 mg
Children from 1 to less than 4 years 3.0 mg
from 4 to less than 7 years 5.0 mg
from 7 to less than 10 years 7.0 mg
from 10 to less than 13 years 7.0 mg 9.0 mg
from 13 to less than 15 years 7.0 mg 9.5 mg
Teenagers and adults 15 years and older 7.0 mg 10.0 mg
Pregnant women from the
4th month of pregnancy
10.0 mg
Breast-feeding women 11.0 mg
Source: German Nutrition Society.
* this is an estimated value

  • dosage based on daily requirement
  • very well tolerated and gentle on the stomach due to the enteric-coated tablet
  • high bioavailability thanks to the binding to natural orotic acid
  • particularly well suited to an individually-tailored zinc treatment

Zink-POS® 3,2 mg – an essential element for our bodies

Zink-POS® 3,2 mg PZN Storage instructions
20 gastro-resistant tablets 10254397 do not store above 30°C
50 gastro-resistant tablets 10254405 do not store above 30°C
100 gastro-resistant tablets 10254411 do not store above 30°C

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Mandatory information

Zink-POS® 3,2 mg
Active ingredient: Zinc orotate x 2 H2O. Therapeutic indications: For the treatment of zinc deficiencies which cannot be remedied by diet. For information on risks and side effects read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. November 2020
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