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Veno SL® 300

Vein complaints – a widespread disease

Prolonged standing or sitting impairs the activity of our calf muscle. However, the calf muscle’s ability to work properly is of great importance to our blood circulation. Just like a pump it leads deoxygenated blood back to the heart against gravity. If the pump starts to falter, the blood stays longer in te legs and the pressure inside the veins rises. As a result, the veins lose their tightness over time. They get permeable and liquids soak into the surrounding tissue. Swollen, tired or even heavy aching legs are the consequence.

Troxerutine – gets your legs up and about in no time

The active agent troxerutine contained in Veno SL® 300 is gained from an ingredient of the Japanese pagoda tree. This substance supports certain enzymes located in the vascular wall whose function is to seal off the vein. That way, troxerutine contributes to the dehydration of the tissue and improves the blood flow. Veno SL® 300 displays such a good tolerance so that this medical product can even be applied during pregnancy.

Veno SL® 300 – takes care of your calves on the long haul

Even endurance athletes benefit from the application of troxerutine as it seals vascular walls. Accumulation of liquids inside tissue can cause heavy legs and even lead to cramps after intense training sessions or long runs. Afflictions like swellings, itching or pain, which are triggered by vein deficiency, can be alleviated by Veno SL® 300.

Veno SL® 300 – the freshness cure for vein stress

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Veno SL® 300
Active ingredient: troxerutine. Therapeutic indications: As supportive treatment against accumulation of liquids in tissue (exudative processes), for the stabilization of fine, brittle blood vessels (capillary fragility). For information on risks and side effects read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. February 2019
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