Dry eye syndrome


EvoTears®: Taking the treatment of dry eyes to the next level

Since 2015 EvoTears® eye drops have established an unprecedented therapeutic class in the treatment of dry eyes. The first water-free drops for dry eyes address specifically the lipid phase disorder. This is the sole cause in almost 60 % of dry eye patients. EvoTears® are also the first eye drops containing the innovative substance perfluorohexyloctane.

EvoTears® the unique* lipid replacement convinces with its efficacy and tolerability.

Under the umbrella brand EvoTears® there is now a new product, i.e. EvoTears® OMEGA for dry and irritated eyes or eyelids. The therefore extended therapeutic class enables targeted treatment of dry eyes due to a lipid phase disorder.

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* due to perfluorohexyloctane and being water-free