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EvoTears®: Taking the treatment of evaporative dry eyes to the next level

Evaporative dry eyes

Artificial tears are used as first-line treatment of dry eyes. Aqueous eye drops have no direct effect on evaporative dry eyes. The latter are caused by an unstable or deficient fat, i.e. lipid layer of the tear film that consequently affects tear film stability. The resulting increased evaporation of the underlying aqueous phase leads to dry eyes.
The majority (i.e. almost 90 %) of dry eye patients suffer from evaporative dry eyes. Nevertheless, due to a lack in patient satisfaction oil or lipid-containing, tear film-stabilising products have not really established in the market. One reason is the presence of emulsifiers and preservatives often added to oil/lipid-water mixtures, which not infrequently lead to compatibility problems or inadequate therapeutic outcomes.

With EvoTears® a new therapeutic class in the treatment of evaporative dry eyes is now available.

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EvoTears®: The new therapeutic class for evaporative dry eyes

  • Innovative, lipophilic, anhydrous – Made in Germany
  • Functions like the lipid phase as it forms a protective layer over the tear film
  • Effective protection from evaporation for greater patient satisfaction – clinically proven1,2
  • Very well tolerated as free from preservatives, phosphates and emulsifiers

Anhydrous eye drops

EvoTears® offers the first anhydrous eye drops in the treatment of dry eyes. Consequently, in contrast to aqueous eye drops no additives such as preservatives, emulsifiers or phosphates are required. These additives have allergenic potential and can cause ocular surface damage. The absence of water exhibits further advantageous properties, which have hitherto been unknown in the treatment of dry eyes: EvoTears® spreads very well and quickly forms a protective layer over the tear, thus preventing premature evaporation. In addition, a drop of only approx. 10 µl is dispensed, meaning that a bottle of 3 ml EvoTears® contains up to 280 drops. These are about four times as many drops as one would obtain from a comparable volume of aqueous artificial tears.

Clinically proven efficacy and tolerability

Clinical studies showed that EvoTears® improves tear film stability1,2 and therefore reduces evaporation of the tear. In addition, corneal damage was reduced and patient satisfaction increased1,2. Existing eyelid inflammations were improved as well as the function of the meibomian glands2, which are responsible for the lipid layer of the tear film. No adverse effect was seen on either visual performance or intraocular pressure and EvoTears® was very well tolerated1,2.

EvoTears® represents the first anhydrous eye drops in the treatment of evaporative dry eyes. The EvoTears®-related increase in patient satisfaction has been clinically proven.


EvoTears® PZN Shelf life after first opening Storage instructions
3 ml eye drops 11213615 6 months Do not store above 25 °C

1 Steven, P. et al. J Ocul Pharmacol Ther, 2015. 31(8): 498-503.
2 Steven, P. et al. J Ocul Pharmacol Ther, 2017. 33(9): 678-685.

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