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EvoTears®: Taking the treatment of evaporative dry eyes to the next level

Evaporative dry eyes

Evaporative dry eyes are caused by an unstable or deficient lipid(fat) layer of the tear film. Consequently, the tear becomes destabilised causing an excess evaporation of the underlying aqueous phase, i.e. dry eyes. In almost 90 % of cases the evaporative dry eye is the underlying cause of dry eyes1.

Tear substitutes represent the basic treatment of dry eyes. Purely lubricating eye drops, however, have no direct effect on the compromised lipid layer of evaporative dry eyes.

With EvoTears® a new therapeutic class in the treatment of evaporative dry eyes is now available.

EvoTears®: The new therapeutic class for evaporative dry eyes

  • Innovative, lipophilic, water-free – Made in Germany
  • Takes over the function of the lipid layer by forming a protective film over the tear
  • Effective protection against evaporation for satisfied patients
  • No need for additives

EvoTears® distinguishes itself through

1. Perfluorohexyloctane

Thanks to the innovative substance perfluorohexyloctane EvoTears® is lipophilic. Despite this, it has the same refractive index as the tear and does therefore not impair vision.

Perfluorohexyloctane has other advantageous properties so far unknown in the treatment of dry eyes. EvoTears® spreads very quickly and rapidly forms a protective layer over the tear. Consequently, it counteracts a premature evaporation of the aqueous phase. In addition, the drop has a volume of only approx. 10 µl, meaning that up to 280 drops per 3 ml content can be obtained from a bottle of EvoTears®.

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2. Water-free substance

EvoTears® are the first water-free drops in the treatment of evaporative dry eyes as they only contain the substance perfluorohexyloctane. Thus EvoTears® does not require any additives such as preservatives, phosphates or emulsifiers.

EvoTears® in use

Due to the low surface tension EvoTears® can be released from the bottle without applying pressure. For this reason, the mode of application shown in the video is recommended.

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With EvoTears®, water-free eye drops are for the first time available in the treatment of evaporative dry eyes. The effective protection against evaporation generates satisfied patients.

EvoTears® PZN Shelf life after opening Storage
3 ml eye drops 11213615 6 months Not above 25 °C

1 Tong L et al. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 2010. 51: 3449-3454.

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