URSAPHARM integrates eye ointment into HYLO product family

VitA POS® becomes HYLO NIGHT®

URSAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH, based in Saarbrücken, nominally integrates its eye ointment VitA POS® into the market-leading HYLO EYE CARE® product range. Starting September 15th, VitA POS® will trade under the name HYLO NIGHT®. The eye ointment, which is used especially in case of chronic discomfort as part of a day & night therapy, has already been part of  the HYLO EYE CARE® therapy concept focussed on the treatment of dry eyes in the past, alongside several eye drops. The rebranding is aimed at clearly pointing out the product’s purpose towards consumers and fully integrating the eye ointment into the HYLO product family. Also, the rebranding will further harmonise the international appearance of the product, which is already being traded under the name HYLO NIGHT® in several European countries, e.g. Italy and Portugal.
The eye ointment with vitamin B is free from preservatives and phosphates, regenerates the cornea, conjunctiva and lid margins during the night, stabilises the tear film and prevents eye discomfort in the morning, e.g. sticky eye lids or incrustations.

With the launch of HYLO NIGHT®, URSAPHARM offers an exclusive starter deal for pharmacies including a counter display with HYLO NIGHT® and HYLO® GEL, leaflets for pharmacy clients as well as HYLO NIGHT® sleep masks. Videos advertising day & night eye care as well as an advertorial ad in „Apotheken Umschau“ are further measures to address consumers.

„Especially at night, our body and eyes are in a relaxation mode where less tear fluid is produced. Therefore it is important, especially for those suffering from chronic dry eye disease, to protect the eyes from drying out and to regenerate them. Through the new name HYLO NIGHT®, we give importance to nighttime eye care as part of the treatment of dry eyes and we extend our HYLO family by a new, strong product.“ explains Christian Krensel, Global Director Marketing & Sales at URSAPHARM.